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Date posted: 01/13/2014

Attend the BMP Swap Meet & Banquet at MetraPark

Part of the fantastic program of events at the Billings MetraPark, the Billings Motorsports Park Swap Meet and Banquet is to be held on January 25th in the Montana Pavilion. All of the season’s champion racers will be in attendance, as members of the public and traders are welcomed into the arena to showcase their wares and sell their goods. If you love motorsports and will be staying at one of the hotels in Billings MT near Metrapark, be sure to check out this event.

The Swap Meet operation allows people from all backgrounds to bring their vehicle parts and tools to trade and sell with other likeminded individuals. For those looking for a specific specialist item to finish their own projects at home, this could be the place to find the seller who meets that need! The Swap Meet will be taking place between 8am and midday, with free admission to all. Later on the same day, attention turns towards the Banquet. Eagerly awaited, the doors to the event will open from 4pm with food service from 6pm onwards. After dining, the awards ceremony will commence, honoring notable achievements throughout the year. All of the champion racers and their vehicles will be in the Pavilion, allowing fans to meet their favorites as well as to reminisce about the highlights of the season. Bobby Allison, the NASCAR Top 50 driver and member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, will be there to deliver the keynote speech.

Montana Pavilion, in which the whole event will be held, is a purpose built multifunctional exhibition space with a footprint of more than twenty eight thousand square feet. With heating, air conditioning and movable dividing walls, all the biggest shows in the area are held here to make use of its excellent facilities. In total, MetraPark is comprised of four main exhibition spaces plus a number of smaller buildings. These are the Rimrock Auto Arena, the Montana Pavilion itself, the Expo Center and the Grandstands, each of which have a full calendar of attractions throughout the year.



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