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Date posted: 02/19/2014

Be one with nature at Lake Elmo State Park

Lake Elmo State Park, the most popular park in the whole Montana state, can be found in Billings, Montana, and offers a wide range of outdoor entertainment for the whole family. Attracting more than one hundred and fifty thousand visitors per year, its lush scenery and quality facilities make it perfect for a day spent walking the nature trail or engaging in water sports for people of all ages. Covering an area of one hundred and twenty three acres at an overall elevation of 3,199ft, the park is open all year round from 5am until 10pm. Families come to enjoy walking around Lake Elmo itself, while more dedicated outdoor enthusiasts come to sailboard and fish in the waters as non-motorised boats are welcomed onto the lake. Originally a large reservoir, it’s now an ideal place to explore the outdoors without actually leaving the Billings city limits —a definite place to explore if you are staying at one of the hotels near lake Elmo State Park

Lake Elmo State Park has three popular beach-front waterside areas, recreating a little piece of the coast in the center of Montana. Elsewhere, the grassed multi-use areas are ideal for parties and groups, while others still visit to enjoy the wide range of bird species commonly found here and enjoy being amongst nature at its finest. A fishing pier called Roger’s Pier on the South Shore allows visitors to hunt for their catch, and a children’s playground area suits younger visitors. One of the all-weather shelters can be reserved for use by community and family groups, whether for educational parties or social events. There is also a popular fenced-in Dog Park for your four legged friends too, offering two hundred square foot of play area including a water splash zone. Found to the west of the lake, this Dog Park is free of charge. Each visitor can be responsible for a maximum of two dogs in the area, which must be over the age of four months. Otherwise, dogs must remain on their leash elsewhere in the state park.


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