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Date posted: 06/06/2014

Express your Creative and Soulful Side at Barjon’s Art & Soul Festival!

Are you a creative soul? Interested in learning more about the arts, spiritual healing, and engaging in open conversations? If so, consider attending Barjon’s Art and Soul Festival – an opportunity for you to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. The Art and Soul Festival will be held on Saturday, June 21st from 9am – 5pm. The street/vendor/art fair and chalk walk is FREE. While staying in Billings MT, appreciators of art and alternative healing would not want to miss inspiring festival! 

The theme for this year’s Art and Soul Festival is a celebration of creativity and alternative healing. It is an event that desires to bring people together from all walks of life to celebrate the joy that creative arts and alternative healing can have on people. The festival also aims to expand the experience of being human, soul, and living in community with others. This is an opportunity to open your mind to all the possibilities that exist in the world. Come see and hear from artists and craftspeople, as well as people who engage in alternative and metaphysical practices in order to heal others. Learn from them and their experiences, and see how your soul can expand as you begin to see yourself as a sister or brother of the universe. There will also be entrepreneurs in related fields that will present their knowledge and skills. Enjoy the creative and spiritual expression of all who attend and maybe engage in spiritual expression too!

Walk around all the great vendors as you see all the wonderful creations and works of art from artists in different fields. Look at great jewelry as well – some that are even hand crafted! There will also be a chalk walk where a portion of the street or sidewalk has been blocked off so that artists may create incredible designs and art. Enjoy all of this for free! Aside from this, there will also be a learning aspect with access to workshops, lectures, and even films. These will be held on N. 29th Street. Access to classes, workshops, and films are $5 for each event. A ticket to attend the Indo-Tibetan dinner and concert is $35. At the dinner, enjoy Tibetan music and performances. Proceeds go to the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation.

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