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Date posted: 04/10/2014

Montana Brewers Spring Fest Gets Served Up April 25th!

For all lovers of beer and ale, the Montana Brewers Spring Fest will be a great day out. Held in Billings on April 25, 2014, the Festival is the one of a kind in the city to focus on Montana-made craft beers, putting numerous local producers under one roof for tasting, discussion and interactions for one day only. The festival will be held in The Billings Depot in the downtown area will be open from 5pm to 10pm.

While staying in Billings MT, be sure to check out the festival and sample from seventy different beers all brewed in Montana. Visitors will be given a 9 oz tasting glass for unlimited testing of the numerous styles and flavors available. Upwards of twenty members of the Montana Brewers Association will be attending, committed to showcasing the best of beers made in Montana to a wider audience. Tickets can be bought in advance to receive a $5 discount or $25 at the door – but for a VIP experience and an early entry at 4pm, there is the opportunity to purchase tickets at $30 or $35 respectively. The Brewers VIP Hour is a chance to get ahead of the crowds and have the earliest look at the range of beers on display.

Montana is now the second state in the country in terms of breweries per capita, giving it a lot to celebrate. The breweries that will be represented at the festival include 406 Brewing, Beaver Creek, Bitterroot, Blackfoot River, Blacksmith, Bowser’s, Bozone, Bridger, Draught Works, Fat Jacks, Flathead Lake, Lewis and Clark, Madison River, Neptunes, Outlaw, Quarry, Red Lodge Ales, Tamarack, Uberbrew and Wildwood. Alongside the numerous beers available, there will also be a range of food stalls representing local cuisines plus a good number of musical entertainments. John Floridis will be playing from 4pm to 5pm, followed by Downtime at 5.30pm and Keegan Smith and the Fam closing the night from 8pm.

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